Healing Spaces

We are here to help you along your transformation journey, whether it be providing guidance and tools you need to succeed, or more in-depth restoration coaching for those starting from scratch.
With that in mind we’ve simplified how to get started by putting together solutions that fit your time, lifestyle and transformation goals.

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Do you look at your space and literally throw up your hands and say to yourself, I have no idea where to start? I don’t have the creative gene but I really want to make a change to how I live my life and ultimately live in a space that reflects my personality.

Starting at $800

4 sessions @ 60 minutes each

Choosing this package includes the support and coaching you need for the following:

  • Identify the life that you want to live
  • Identify the blocks that have allowed you to feel stuck 
  • Identify the materials, furniture, finishes, vibes that bring you love and joy
  • Expand your visuals to create a digital mood board that embodies the essence of who you are


This is a great package to choose when you can envision what you want your space to look and feel like (see CREATE), but there are other external factors that will stop you from pulling the trigger. You may have a partner that you’ve been arguing with on how the space should look like. And unfortunately you can’t move forward because both of you can’t agree so there’s no movement.
Or, there may be a situation where your fears or past experiences get in the way of making decisions and big changes. Perhaps there’s anxiety and frustration of having family and friends constantly telling you what to do, so you feel deflated and unmotivated to make things happen.

Choose this package to identify the core issues, gain awareness, receive support through coaching and then consulting on dealing with industry trades to give you the knowledge you need to get things done.

Starting at $1000

5 Sessions @ 60 minutes each

  • Learn how to improve your mindset
  • Look at how to manage emotions when communicating with family and trades
  • Learn the key tools to change your behavior
  • Get Clarity by understanding your VISION and the most important things to you
  • Create an action plan to support the HEALING process


This package is great for anyone that has already identified their style, or has already worked with a designer in the past but you feel your space has blocks including clutter, disorganization, or even areas with dead space. What you see everyday can greatly affect your productivity and overall well being. So let’s get curious and dig a bit deeper into effective ways to boost the energy around you!

Starting at $1000

5 Sessions @ 60 minutes each

  • Consultation on your floor plan to see what needs to be improved for better flow
  • Learn what materials and finishes will bring good ENERGY into your space
  • Identify what energizes you both at home and at work
  • Create positive habits to keep the energy flowing
  • Create an action plan with a shopping list and resources


This is where we can repair or restore your environment through an in depth consultation in the design of your space or spaces! This package works for those who are starting from scratch, who have just moved into a new home, or have been living/working in a space that hasn’t been touched in years. Everyday you wake up and say…I’m tired of talking about “when” I do the makeover or renovation, it will be great. No more waiting, you can finally say “I’m 100% ready to make big changes to my space and feel confident to make it happen right now”.

This is where you can access Cher’s expertise in Design and Producing on HGTV/Food Network to get the guidance you need to plan an effective and realistic project.

Starting at $800 per Room

Starting at a minimum of 4 Sessions @ 60 minutes each, depending on the size of your space.

More rooms will require more sessions and will be quoted during the Discovery Call, 

i.e. $1600 + HST for 2 rooms, $2400 + HST for 3 rooms, etc.) 

  • Consultation on Space Planning
  • Applying Colour Theory based on your Personality and Intuition
  • Consultation on Finishes, Furniture, Lighting and Style Choices
  • Action Plan on how to get the best outcome for your design project and tips for Success

Do you believe in magic?

Are you ready to live + work in harmony?


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