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Dig deep and address the true barriers stopping you from creating your ideal space and life. See, I’ve spent many years providing residential design services to private clients and often the journey can start with a lot of challenges that are often not addressed because most people don’t even know they exist.

I often find people feel stuck, and think that creating a space that looks like a cover of a design magazine will be enough to make a long-lasting transformative change for them and their family.

Unfortunately, time and again I’ve found that the new reno honeymoon only lasts for so long and that similar challenges resurface, causing a lot of frustration, especially after such a significant investment of time, sacrifice and money went into their home or workspace.
That’s why we encourage doing a deeper dive at the beginning to truly understand what you and your family need in a space to thrive, not just now, but in the future, so that your space grows organically alongside you as you continue your transformative journey.

Common problems that we help uncover and address

  • Disagreements with Partners – One partner wants their space to reflect a specific design trend, but then their partner got tired of it after a few months because they realized that it just wasn’t what they really wanted. 
  • Lack of Clarity – Choosing a random mix of inspiration pics on Pinterest but didn’t really know what it was that they really liked about the photo which throws the creative design process off. 
  • People Pleasing – Listening to what other people think or have experienced in their renovation journeys and doubting the design professionals opinion. 
  • Perfectionism – Constantly trying to find the perfect materials or furniture for the space and ultimately never pulling the trigger because they feel like there’s something better out there. 

When our Souls and Spaces don’t align, you will definitely feel it. It’s exactly what happens when you move into someone else’s home for the first time and live with the decor that they did. If you’re ready to make a more meaningful change, let’s get into it!

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Coaching is a powerful way to EMPOWER you to create better AWARENESS of who you are and the environment you need. This process is truly unique as the focus is discovering your true goals, dreams, and how you visualize your best life.


Consulting focuses on solutions based on real world experiences. You’ll learn my tips and tricks on how to create beautiful and functional spaces as seen on HGTV, Food Network, Discovery Family, etc. But most importantly it’s my experience as a Host and Leader in the television industry where you’ll learn how to troubleshoot and deal with tight deadlines so you’ll feel prepared and ready for your design journey.

Working with me means you get the best of both worlds: Coaching + Consulting!

And my goal is to guide you through your unique TRANSFORMATION so that you feel calm, connected and confident every step of the way. 

As you plan your design project, I’ll help to empower you to create the life and spaces that you want and deserve, starting with “CHER”ing my approach to creating Healing Spaces. 


Choose the COACHING + CONSULTING package that works best for you!

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