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Hello, dear Parents!

It’s your friend Cheryl, and today we’re diving into something so profoundly important and empowering, it could change the way you and your child approach the new school year. 

Imagine for a minute with me: a serene sanctuary, a calming corner that nurtures your child’s spirit and provides you with a moment of respite. Get ready to create a tranquil space that embraces both your child’s growth and your need for more calm in the storm of juggling parenting and work.

The Sparkling Benefits:

Now, let’s talk about the golden treasure this calming corner is. It’s not just a design trend; it’s a TRANSFORMATIONAL tool that redefines your child’s school experience. This little corner becomes their oasis—a safe space to unwind, recenter, and gather their thoughts. It’s where their imaginations soar, self-confidence thrives, and dreams take flight. And for you, Mamas and Papas, it’s a secret portal to your own well-deserved moments of tranquility.

The Weight of Neglect:

Ok, but hold up a minute—imagine not having this sacred space in your child’s life. The hustle and bustle of school can become overwhelming. Without a calming corner, your child might carry the day’s stresses with them, like little backpacks filled with worries. This can affect their focus, confidence, and even their health. And you, my powerful friends, might find yourself juggling your ventures and your family without a moment’s respite.

Crafting Magic, Step by Step:

Let’s embark on a journey together  to create a calming corner that whispers serenity and style. Start with the “Moroccan Ornate Plush rug” from Ruggable—it’s like a hug for the senses…and the best part, it’s washable!! Yup, you can have a white rug with kids.

Credits: Ruggable. Shop here.

Then, introduce the “Mid Century Wall Shelf” from West Elm—an artistic treasure trove where your child can sprinkle their dreams. I encourage little ones to use this to display their favourite books, their special mementos and those 3D art pieces, you know those fun sculptures of “je ne sais quoi” from this summer’s art camp.

Credits: West Elm. Shop here.

Storage solutions? Say hello to the “Natural Wood Shelf” from Bouclair—they keep the space tidy and chic with a nod to nature.

Credits: Bouclair. Shop here.

Pair them with the “Macrame and Natural Wood Crates”, also from Bouclair for a sprinkle of Boho practicality.

Credits: Bouclair. Shop here.

But wait, there’s more! Meet your guardian of Tranquility, the “Ficus” potted plant Bonsai from Ikea. It’s not just a plant; it’s a symbol of Harmony, Balance and Patience…and the simple modern pot is included in the price. One less thing to do!

Credits: IKEA. Shop here.

Cheers to the Weekend of Transformation:

Mamas and Papas, it’s time to reclaim your child’s school experience and gift yourselves more moments of peace. In just one weekend, you can easily craft a calming corner that’s a testimony to your commitment to their growth and your own self-care.

So here’s my Empowering Invitation:

To all my fellow champions of the heart and ambition, remember: by nurturing your child’s well-being, you’re also nurturing your own. You’re creating an environment where success, joy, and peace can coexist beautifully. It’s time to weave this magical tapestry of calm into your child’s world and your own.

With love and serenity,

Xo Cher