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Hey Beautiful Souls,

Navigating the maze of holiday gift ideas can be a bit overwhelming and stressful right? Let’s sprinkle some ease into the mix and find ways to give our incredible moms something unique and infused with self-care in mind. Check out the list below which include some of my favourite thoughtful ideas to show that you care.

For the Soulful Reflections Mama:

Immerse yourself in daily intentions and empowering quotes with a Soulful Reflections Journal—a haven of tranquility for those mindful moments.
Coming soon, the Nuevarosa Self Care journal, “I WANT THIS LIFE”, coming this December 2023.

For the Growth Seeker:

Sometimes all you need is a little reminder to help you unleash your potential with the NUEVAROSA Growth Mindset Cheat Sheet, a powerful tool crafted to effortlessly guide you in reshaping your thoughts and nurturing progress in every facet of life. 

DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY HERE and share it with your besties! 

For the Serenity Spa Seeker:

Elevate your self-care routine by creating an At-Home Serenity Spa Kit, featuring DIY bath essentials for a blissful escape within your sacred space.
I love this Body Butter for Mama and Baby and it’s a staple at our house. BUY NOW.
And for an At Home spa day…try this. SHOP HERE

For the Tranquility Enthusiast:

Immerse yourself in calming tracks while you tackle this holiday’s To-Do List, perfect for moments of peace in the car and while you work. Feel free to share this list with family and friends! LISTEN HERE.

Powerful Podcast for the Mompreneur:

I love diving into a good podcast especially if it helps improve all areas of my life and also empowers me to be the best version of myself! Check out Ashley King’s “Brand Bloomprint” for the passionate Mompreneur that is looking for clarity in their purpose, establishing business strategy, branding, website design and building a successful business! TUNE IN HERE.

For the Nature Loving Mom:

Gift a touch of nature with The Home Greenery Starter Kit—a delightful addition to your sanctuary for the plant-loving goddess in you. ADD TO CART.
And don’t forget to grab the seeds too, so that you can start right away! BUY NOW.

For the Mindful Mornings Meditation Lover:

Share a Mindful Mornings Meditation Guide, offering short meditations for a harmonious beginning. Check out Christie Marie Sheldon’s “Ball of Light” which you can easily do with your kids too! CLICK HERE.

For the Resilient Mama: 

Affirmations are a great way to remind ourselves and focus on empowering words throughout the day. As a unique gift, download our NUEVAROSA RESILIENCE AFFIRMATION CARDS for daily inspiration. You can easily print them out for your family and friends, great as a stocking stuffer! Available FREE for the holidays, CLICK HERE.

For the Empowered Bookworm Mom:

Compile a collection of comfort reads, cozy novels, and heartwarming stories in a downloadable eBook format.

  • Natasha Graziano’s, “Be it until you Become it”. SHOP NOW.
  • Mel Robbins, “5 Second Rule” SHOP NOW.
  • Dr. Shefali, “Radical Awakening” SHOP NOW.

And for any one that is feeling the pressures of giving this year, here’s a FREE and simple idea to give with your heart. 

Start a daily gratitude text challenge, by sending a heartfelt message of gratitude to a different friend or family member each day. It can be as simple as, Thank you for xxx, or I’m thinking about  you…or I appreciate you for all the things you do… Whatever the message is, trust me, they will appreciate it! 

Let’s make this holiday season stress-free and joyful by embracing unique gifting ideas that echo the essence of Self-Care. After all, our incredible moms deserve nothing less!

Love and Light,

xo Cher 

Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.