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Hey hey, all you rockstar parents!

Cheryl here, your design guru and performance coach all in one. Today, we’re spilling the beans on a game-changer you might not have seen coming: your own kids! Yep, those little dynamos can actually teach us a thing or two about being in the moment, crushing goals, and just straight-up winning at life. So grab a cozy spot, and let’s dive into the magic that mini-coaches can sprinkle on your hustle! ✨

Tiny But Mighty Coaches

Picture this: your mini-me tugging at your sleeve, eyes as big as saucers, and saying, “Mama, can we play?” or “Dad, tell me a story!” Hold on to that scene ’cause it’s got a gold nugget of wisdom. Kids are kings and queens of the present moment. Funny enough, we named our daughter “Reyna” which translates to Queen (Reina) in spanish. And at four years old, she’s definitely not sweating tomorrow’s to-do list or the email avalanche. Kids are here, now, ready to dive into fun.

Lesson 1: The Art of Locking In

Alright, you hustlers with minds buzzing 24/7 – pay attention! Your little sidekicks are like masters of being in the zone. You know when they’re channeling their inner architect and building a Lego masterpiece or coloring like Picasso? That’s a masterclass in giving it their all. Borrow that trick. When you’re with your kids, BE THERE. BE PRESENT! That’s one of the most important coaching 101 principles. When you’re hustling, same deal. No more mix-and-match – just full-on engagement!

Lesson 2: Get Curious, Baby!

Those gazillion “Whys?” and “Hows?” your kid tosses at you? Guess what – they’re onto something BIG. Curiosity’s their jam, and it fuels their brainpower. Time to work that into your biz game. Start asking questions, explore new avenues, and let your curiosity be the fuel for epic innovations. Stop yourself from immediately judging a situation and ask…Honey, why did you take all the markers and draw on the table? Now this actually happened. Normally I would feel myself boiling up, but then the answer was, “Mama, I just wanted to make a rainbow” well, that’s when you stop and say “I’m so glad I asked”. Your next big lightbulb moment could be hiding in a simple question!

Lesson 3: Play Like a Boss

Playtime? Oh, your kids are 100% fluent in that language! It’s how they try new stuff, learn, and level up. Imagine rocking that playful spirit in your hustle. Smash barriers with a playful mindset. Sometimes we get so serious with our work and we forget that at some point in our careers, we used to LOVE what we do. Let’s get back there even if it means that we need to start again. I’ve been there so if you want to chat about starting from scratch, I’m your gal. Get wild with ideas, be okay with trying and failing, and grow just like your mini-me does when building that tower of blocks.

Lesson 4: Hype Up Every Victory

Remember how your kids burst with joy when they conquer something new? I love witnessing when Reyna says, “MAMA, I did it on my own!” Whether it’s nailing shoe-tying or acing a puzzle – they OWN it! Time for us to own our wins too. No more brushing ’em off. Every step, every tiny win – it’s party time! I love getting the notifications every time one of you decides to become a Nuevarosa subscriber, or sign up for a workshop. It truly makes my day! So bust out your victory dance, no matter how small the win.

Lesson 5: Unleash Unstoppable Grit

Watch your kids tackle a bike for the first time. Falls? Check. But they jump back on like it’s NBD. Let’s steal that mojo. When things get bumpy in your biz journey, don’t you dare back down! Shake off the bumps, get back in the race, and pedal on with a fire like your kiddo learning to ride! Imagine if you did that every day for the next 30 days, you would be a pro in no time. 

Making “Kid Coaching” Your Superpower

Ready to rock these mini-coach lessons? Time to get your kids in on your dream chase. Share your big goals with them, let them cheer you on. Make time to be present both in business and family life. We are all striving for balance right? So let’s get curious together, brainstorm wild ideas, and have a blast. And remember, sprinkle some play and celebration vibes into your hustle routine!

Wrap-Up Vibes

There you have it, you epic entrepreneur-parent hybrids! Now you’ve got a playbook bursting with kid-inspired wisdom. Balance, living in the now, and using the childlike wonder to slay those massive goals – that’s your jam now. So go kick butt, soak in the moments, and let your mini-coaches guide you to the awesome-sauce life you deserve! 🚀

Sending love, high-fives, and endless good vibes your way,

xo Cher