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Welcome, cherished Mama

Who’s always on the go and keeps the world spinning! Ready to break free from the office blues and unlock the magic of Feng Shui in your workspace? Get ready for a joyful journey as I share the perfect recipe to transform your home office into a calming oasis without having to do a full renovation!


EMBRACE ORDER, not Clutter

First things first, let’s have some real talk. Clutter reflects a mindset of overwhelm, emotional attachment or avoidance, and a lack of clarity and creativity. And if you read my last blog post, Calming the Chaos, you’ll know that I spent years operating within the vortex of clutter.

By recognizing and addressing the clutter in our physical space, we can positively impact our mental state, improve focus and productivity, and create an environment conducive to personal growth and success.

Life can get hectic, and your desk may become a paper jungle. But fear not! A clutter-free workspace equals a stress-free mind. Take a moment to catch your breath and organize your office area. Sort through those papers, bid farewell to what you don’t need, and assign dedicated spots for everything, including the chaos! I have an “Energizing Essentials” box in every room that is used for collecting the things I need, and essentially the mess but reframing it in a more positive way! I know where to find everything that’s necessary without it being too overwhelming. And then when work is done, I put everything back in its dedicated spot. I love seeing the results of an empty box at the end of the day, and get excited about filling it up again tomorrow! My daughter is four years old now, and I’m hoping that this system will become a positive habit that she can continue as she grows up! By decluttering, you’ll create space for new opportunities and invite a sense of calm into your bustling day.


ASSUME COMMAND, remember you’re the Boss! 

In the enchanting realm of Feng Shui, where energy flows like magic, a commanding desk position is key. Arrange your desk so that you can see the entrance to the room. This boosts your confidence, keeps you alert, and prepares you to conquer any challenge that comes your way. You’re the powerful boss of your workspace, and it should make you feel like you can conquer the world!

As a Designer, I’ve always loved having lots of desk space, so I created an “L” configuration with two clean lined Ikea desks in white (they’re actually just expandable dining tables). I love that I can move them around if needed and I can tuck in my daughter’s toy shelf underneath. This part of the desk also acts as a divider from my workspace and Reyna’s play area. Although, I catch her often sitting in my desk chair playing the “Miss Boss” role most of the time.

If you’re short on space and your desk doesn’t have a direct view of the door, you can simply try these alternatives:


      1. Time to bring in some mirror magic! Place a mirror on a nearby wall, strategically angled to reflect the entrance. Now, you’ll have a clear view
        of the room while still maintaining your command position.
      2. Get your rearranging hat on! If you have the freedom to do so, shake things up by rearranging the furniture. Aim for a layout where your desk is diagonally opposite the entrance. This not only gives you a sense of command but also allows you to keep an eye on anyone who enters your domain. You’re the Queen of your space, after all!

If a furniture revamp isn’t in the cards, no biggie! Bring out a small mirror and place it on your desk, facing the entrance. Yay! You’ve just created your own power spot. Now, you can still maintain a sense of command and keep an eye on everything that’s happening.



Mother Nature knows how to create a soothing environment. Let’s bring the outdoors in with the power of plants! Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb—low-maintenance plants like vibrant succulents, even jade plants work wonders. I wanted a tropical vibe that reminded me of my vacations in Colombia and the Philippines. I added some palm leaf varieties, like this banana palm and majesty palm. They’re sculptural without any pointy leaves (which you don’t want) and they come in a variety of heights so feel free to play around with your space. Something taller will help fill in any dead space in the corners of your room. And to add a natural element, I opted to use natural fibers for the planters from woven wicker to elevated bamboo baskets.

You can 100% add fresh flowers to your desk, but I found that seeing them last for only a week or so, it left me feeling more sad once they started to die. Instead, I decided that I wanted to incorporate blooming plants like orchids. They are known for their resilience and ability to thrive in diverse environments and often symbolize strength, endurance, and perseverance. The fact that orchids can bloom in challenging conditions is seen as a reminder to stay strong and resilient during difficult times, inspiring us to overcome obstacles and embrace growth. And if I can keep them alive, you can too! Orchids can also be seen as a positive symbol of fertility, both in terms of physical fertility and the fertility of ideas, creativity, and opportunities. By being intentional as to what symbolizes your growth, you’ll be way more invested in seeing it bloom.



Surround yourself with artwork and pictures that sparks your inner fire and unleashes your hidden potential! This will essentially be your oversized vision board that represents your dreams, goals, and aspirations. When motivation isn’t the first thing on your mind, take a glance at your wall and reconnect with your purpose. Hang paintings or photos that exude success, abundance, landscapes, soothing colours that compliment each other and words of positivity. These visual boosts will remind you of your amazingness and keep you on track.

For anything that is constantly changing, opt for a pin board or even a picture frame that you switch out the image when your visions and goals change.

I spent a lot of time energizing every wall of my office, so the south west corner represents love and my “whys”. You’ll notice that each image from the sun, to the tropical landscape art, to the energizing crystal, to a sentimental picture of my husband and I at our wedding in Cartagena, Colombia…everything is connected to what is important in our relationship and it’s one of the first corners that I see when I walk into the space.

Remember, everything in your office should reflect the calming and fruitful life you want to live so take your time putting this all together.



Self-care is a must, even for busy individuals like you! Your office area should be your personal sanctuary, a retreat that revives and energizes you. Keep a cozy blanket within reach for those well-deserved moments of comfort. Light scented candles with calming fragrances, whisking you away to a blissful spa-like atmosphere.

I love having essential oils, salts and my crystals available anytime I want to get the senses going or feel energized. Amethyst is great for enhanced intuition and creativity and you could also use clear quartz near your computer to help balance the energy.

Remember, crystals can complement your intentions and create a positive energy environment, but they are not a substitute for proactive action and a positive mindset. Combine the use of crystals with other empowering practices to create a holistic and harmonious office space.

Behind my desk, I even have enough space to do some stretches in between coaching sessions. Just don’t tell my daughter that I use her play mat while she’s at school. But hey, it totally coordinates with the colour scheme of the room! LOL These simple indulgences create tranquil moments in your hectic workday.


By incorporating these 5 simple Feng Shui principles, you’ll work your magic and transform your office into a haven that empowers and supports you on your journey. Remember, even the smallest changes can make a big impact! So let’s dive in, embrace the positive energy of Feng Shui, and unlock your full productivity and success.

And for any of you that are still feeling overwhelmed and need some help decluttering, make sure to connect with me and you’ll receive my free “IMAGE EDIT” Guided Audio that will help you Declutter with Intention. It’s like having me right in the room with you so we can tackle things step by step together..

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xo Cher

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